Women and Children's Rights Advocate, Consultant, trainer & Author

“My passion is to keep breaking the chains of stigma binding women and their families, ravaged by oppression, poverty, stigma, trauma and addictions.  Seeing the joy in women & their families celebrating recovery milestones, compels me into action to help those still trapped. Welcome wounded healers to my world of strategies that unleash motivation and launch recovery.”

-Maya Hennessey

Who Is Maya?

Maya is a consultant, trainer, and author who specializes in treatment and recovery of pregnant and parenting addicted women and other family caregivers, using the power of cross training, experiential skill building and inter-agency collaborative teams to improve outcomes.


“Maya Hennessey is an incredibly energetic, motivated and passionate training expert. Her warmth and understanding weave through every word as she takes participants on a walk through her life and her soul-passing on to others the healing techniques that she has discovered throughout her personal and professional journey.”

Linda Henderson

Prevention Resource Development Project. Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

“Maya’s charisma and her engaging style are the mark of an outstanding presenter and workshop leader, as her expertise and passion for oppressed women keeps weaving its way throughout the addictions field.”

William L. White

Author, Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America. Evaluator of Project SAFE (1986-2002)

“Maya’s caring, compassion and dedication to addicted women and their counselors shaped my development as a supervisor of a Project SAFE site. Her progressive approaches influenced my style as director of programs for women in the criminal justice system and programming at Cornell.”

Laurie Graciana

Marketing Director, Cornell-Interventions Treatment Program

“Maya’s presentations are heart felt and refreshing as she shares her life experiences while offering invaluable techniques to help us better serve our customers.”

Annie Griffin

Rehabilitation Services Supervisor, State of Illinois – Department of Human Services

“As a trainer Maya Hennessey combines two traits perfectly; warmth and knowledge. With her warmth she brings the room into her circle and with her knowledge she delivers complex concepts into easily assimilated experiential skills and techniques.”

Joe Rosenfeld Ph.D.

Curriculum and Training Coordinator, Great Lakes Addiction, Technology Transfer Center

“Maya Hennessey is one of the nation’s most compassionate speakers, offering comfort and solutions to those afflicted and their helpers.”

Mark Sanders

CEO / Author / Trainer.  On the Mark Consulting

Maya's Caregiving Book

  • Overwhelmed by caregiving demands?
  • Is your mounting “to-do” list crushing you?
  • Forsaken by lack of help & broken promises?
  • Do you find it difficult to ask for help?

Studies show that the demands of caregiving can weaken the immune system, while a network of support protects it.  Maya’s Model includes research & over 50 exercises to help develop a thriving network of support for caregivers like you.

“Working with caregivers daily, I personally recommend Maya’s techniques.  This book will save professional and family caregivers from a lot of stress and heartache.”
Theresa Colvin
Caregiver Specialist Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging